About Us


I have worked as an accountant for 10+ years and moved into cloud software accounting 3 years ago. I have a huge passion for software, games, anything geeky really, so cloud accounting inspired me.  Being a cloud accountant, I noticed that not all accountants were keen like me to go into the cloud, and didn’t really want the hassle of it. On the other side I saw how business owners found it a god send for running their businesses, saving them time and money to do the things they love.

As cloud based accounting is becoming more and more what people want, I thought it was time to set up a business to try and make life easier for the business owner and the accountant and so Send2Cloud was born

Things about me…..

I love games, science, gadgets and I’m an apple fan

I’m patient, and will always find the solution to a problem no matter what it takes. I am genuine and don’t commit to anything I can’t deliver.

I am a West Ham fan and like to talk about football.

I am the sandwich king! I will literally put any dinner combinations into a sandwich.





For as long as I can remember I have loved to create. To paint, sketch, design and make. I always want to improve on everything I have done and am never truly satisfied with any piece of art or design (There always seems to be something I can improve on)

A lot of the software we support really appeals to my creative side, I am always pushing David to make things fit together in a seamless environment. My attention to detail is put to very good use on the bookkeeping side of Send2Cloud.

Most of my work has been as an artist, however Send2Cloud gave me the opportunity to combined my two passions, software and art.

Things about me……

I love World of Warcraft, if I didn’t have to do any work I could honestly play that game all day (and all night) every day. I like dark art mostly, the macabre, but also have the odd flowery day too. Illustration is another real passion of mine.

My cats are part of my family, I may even blog about them from time to time (if I’m allowed).

I love to read books, real books that I can touch and smell (I love the smell of books)